About TLC

Tender, Love, and Curl launched in the summer of 2018 in Columbus, OH by Lauren Ashleigh, the owner and creator of BeLeigh Inspired. It’s an annual event typically held in the summer. Tender, Love, and curl is designed to hold a space for Black naturals, especially Black women to not only learn how to care for their hair but to also celebrate and embrace their natural curls.



Not just an event, but a movement. Congrats to @Beleighinspired!
— Jaelani T.
Looking forward to the next one
— Kelsey B.
I loved this celebration of natural hair. Going natural was such a big decision for me, but it was also one of the best decisions I’ve made.
— Tyka G.
S|O to Beleigh Inspired for such a fantastic event!
— Morgan S.