Social Media and BAE: How posting your boo could damage your relationship.

Between Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram, many of us find ourselves utilizing these social media platforms in our daily routines. We may wake up and check Twitter for the latest headline or handle our business in the restroom while checking some Snapchat stories from last night. Sometimes we even may find ourselves a little too wrapped up in social media. Don’t get me wrong, I️ think social media has its benefits, but I also believe it has its downsides. Specifically referencing relationships. I️ recently had a conversation with someone about social media and relationships,  it triggered some thoughts I had on the topic. So, I️ decided to briefly write about it, but before I dived head first on the topic, I wanted to see what other people thought about it.

On Twitter I created a poll asking my followers if they thought people should keep their relationships off of social media such as posting pictures with cute or non-cute captions, not posting arguments via text messages. 42 percent of my followers that participated in the poll said it depends, while 29 percent voted yes and no (split vote). Due to it being a poll, there wasn't an option to provide explanations. So, I asked my followers to post their opinions on the topic to better understand the results. For people that agreed that it depends, explained that it is based on what is posted and the frequency . One comment that stuck out to me on Facebook, stated that consistently posting rather it be a picture or information blurs the lines for people. Meaning, with constant posting, people begin to feel that they know your relationship and feel involved. Some even said that your intentions on why you are constantly posting your relationship becomes questioned. Are you trying to prove something or posting for likes?

Although you may not be constantly broadcasting your relationship, you may share information about you relationship that should have stayed between you and your significant other. Airing out what someone did to you gives people the opportunity to not only judge your relationship but you and your significant other. People now can draw up whatever conclusions they want with the little information they gathered from social media. On the flip side, you don't even have to post something that could interpret "trouble in paradise", Chanda from Facebook stated:

I think no matter how strong the relationship, the social media aspect creates more vulnerability online and in real life. So I'd say post at your own risk.

When you decide to show your followers who your new boo may be, you could possibly risk your happiness in your relationship, cause unwanted stress or create insecurities. As Chanda stated, you create more vulnerability. For example, it could create unnecessary attention from people that are miserable in their own lives. People that want to break your happiness simply because they aren't happy themselves. Misery definitely loves company.  Sadly, social media has developed a space for jealouly to fester just based on a visual perception. Someone may think ones relationship is so perfect and may search for one sign of imperfection. One may even create an unrealistic ideal of  a relationship in other words "relationship goals" but that's a different topic for another day. 

Personally, I am on the fence of posting significant others on social media. On one end, if we are serious, you are a part of me and part of my happiness. My social media platforms like Instagram reflect things and people in my life, romantically and platonically. However, I struggle with wanting to share the romantic aspect of my life because of what I have witnessed. I am sure I am not the only one that feels this way and it is unfortunate that I do, but I have to be realistic and share at my own risk if I chose. Honestly, people should like, comment heart eyes (if they will) and go but that's in a perfect world. Until then, be careful what you post, know your intentions or stay private. 

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