My fellow Black are DOPE!

Despite Trump running for office, unraveling the true hate in America and actually getting elected as the next president, I refuse to say this has been a bad year for Black people. I will not allow the bad to out weigh the good. Why? Because things like Black Girl Magic and Black Boy Joy (Thanks Chance) became our national slogan. Even though Black Girl Magic has been around a little bit longer than Black Boy Joy, it was something that we used constantly this year. We needed to remind ourselves, that we are dope, we needed to remind ourselves that we are strong and capable of overcoming obstacles. No matter what is thrown at us to halt our success, we have shown repeatedly that we cannot be stopped! If you do not feel how I feel, then you need to sit down and reflect about the good that has happened this year.

Media, music and television, Black people showed TF out this year! I was recently having a conversation with a friend of mine and I realized, so many great albums came out this year. I am going to list a few albums that are some of my personal favorites and some that are no question great:

  • ANTI by Rihanna

  • SEPT 5th by DVSN

  • Coloring Book by Chance The Rapper

  • Lemonade by Beyonce

  • Birds In The Trap Sing McKnight by Travis Scott

  • A Seat at the Table by Solange

  • PHO by Ari Lennox

  • 24k Magic by Bruno Mars (Don’t @ me on this)

From the production to the content, each album shows how it contributes to the culture. Some may have deeper meanings to them than others, however, they all are valuable to music in Black culture. If any of the above albums are unfamiliar to you, I highly suggest giving them a listen.

Moving on, this past summer, many athletes headed to Rio for the 2016 Olympics. Watching many Black and Brown faces getting their medals for their prospective sports, gave me so much joy. They became inspirations for many little Black boys and girls back at home. I remember getting on social media seeing children imitating the athletes on their television screens and saying they wanted to accomplish things like Simone Biles or Usain Bolt. Black Girl Magic and Black Boy Joy was at its peak this year. Overall, seeing Black athletes participate and/or receive medals during this Olympics has left a mark in our history. I hope that this encourages more Black athletes to continue doing what they love to do and possibly compete in the Olympics in the future.


Representation is very important and for the last couple of years, shows like Scandal, Empire and How to Get Away with Murder opened doors for countless Black Actors, especially for primetime television. However, I felt we needed more representation on television. Fall 2016 came around and shows like Atlanta, Queen Sugar and Insecure became heavy rotation for many. Each show gives a different type of representation of Black people, that we normally do not see. I cannot think of a show that depicts a story about Black farming like Queen Sugar or a Black woman (character) who is not meant to showcase they have it all together like the main character in Insecure. Illustrating stories that are far from the stereotype is something I applaud, so I thank the Black creators, directors and producers for creating these spaces for us. I cannot wait for the next upcoming seasons.

Although I am unable to discuss each and every moment that surrounds the ideal of Black Excellence that has transpired this year, I hope from this article you were able to feel the same joy that I feel when writing this article. To my brothers and sisters, continue the trend, be determined, be proud and excel in your prospective areas.

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