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Lauren Ashleigh is the owner and creator of BeLeigh Inspired, a holistic wellness brand that aims to promote emotional and mental wellness for Black women. Lauren chose the name BeLeigh Inspired based on her (middle) name Ashleigh and the meaning of inspire. With her brand, Lauren plans to educate and inspire Black women to take control of their emotional and mental wellness.

Lauren currently lives in the Columbus Metro Area but born and raised in Dayton, OH where she graduated from Stivers School for the Arts as a dance major. After graduation, Lauren attended Ohio University as a psychology major and graduated with a Bachelors of Arts degree. While Lauren had planned to return to school to obtain her master’s in mental health counseling, Lauren later felt that she was not meant to take this path. She later discovered Maryland University of Integrative Health and their health and wellness coaching program. After declining her acceptance in the program, Lauren continued her research in the coaching field finally finding her purpose in developing her career.

"As Black women, we are faced with so many obstacles and challenges in society, relationships and working environments. However, the resources out there to help women like me are limited for so many reasons. I felt the need to create the space for Black women so that we can begin to heal. I plan to use my many talents and skills to creatively develop the services in guiding Black women through this process". - Lauren Ashleigh


Empowering you to be the YOU-you deserve and are designed to be.



  • A place where you feel YOU


  • Being kind to self and others


  • A support to keep you focused on your goals